This seems to be a word, and ideal that we are all striving for.

I think we call it happiness or at least we are chasing hasppiness when we should really be thinking about balance.

The middle road.

Not too much, not too little...enough.

How do we know what is enough, how do we even know if we have had anything?

This is the really tricky thing. Do we even know if we have had enough of everything or is enough of something ok?

Each day we wake up with two things in our head (at it's core anyway); work and life.

We spend our time working so that we can use our life to recover, getting ready for more work.

Is that balance?

If we think of balance of something that is moving, flowing through us perhaps that will help.

Is balance something we let flow through us.

Our choices, words, actions, thoughts. Let them flow in balance.

Is the work/life idea outdated now?

Should it be subdivided given that a lot of us work from home these days.

Should it be screen/outdoor/face/sleep balance instead?

I find that too much of any of those will put me out of kilter.

I kind of wish we had someone on our shoulder who would sit there and say, "right, that's enough, you've had your fair share of this now do something else".

I guess that would have been our parents.

We need therefore to parent ourselves.

That's enough TV now Rich. Stop Googling random things now and go outside. That's too much sun now you'll get burnt...

That being said, I don't want to be the moderation police always checking up on myself and others - "I think that's quite enough wine for you now" - wouldn't make for good company.

Maybe it's a combination of moderation and appreciation. Gratitude for those things we do have so rather than approach all things with fear of too much we approach them with gratitude for what we have. Happy to move onto the next moderate portion of fun.

Well, I guess I am grateful that I have a little iPad to write these thoughts and I should probably do something else (and be grateful for it too)

Thanks Tiny Buddha for the photo by the way
Sometimes It’s Perfectly Okay and Absolutely Necessary to Do Nothing
Life is all about balance. You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay and absolutely necessary to do nothing.