Inventive Instruments by Richard Schrieber

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Welcome to the first instrument to be revamped and rereleased from my Inventive Instrument collection.

What is the Ambient Cello then?

The ambient cello is a collection of recordings of me playing the cello. I stuck a tuner on the cello to make sure I stayed in tune and played two different articulations; col legno (bowed), and tremolo.

I wanted to get a couple of different textures going on.

From there we took the samples and chucked them through some of my favourite effect chains.

Exported the resulting sounds and then mapped them all out within Kontakt.

The resulting sound can be heard all over my ambient side project, This Shimmering Sky.

Ambient Cello Walkthrough

I am however offering this as a gift to my subscribers who can access the download by following the link below:

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