Today I talk about the importance of limiting your own choices.

I was watching modern family the other day with my wife and Manny, one of the characters in it said this great quote. In fact, I show it I've written it down because it was too awesome. He says too many choices is a prison. I love that. I think he was talking about his wardrobe, you know, not being able to choose what clothes to wear for the day, but actually this is a really important thing for creativity, understanding and applying the gold within this quote will explode your creativity.

Too many choices is a prison. So let's take this into the computer shall we? So let's go, okay. Right. Under load up a new logic session, and I'm going to load up some strings. If you have way too many strings to load up, you'll find yourself wasting time. And you'll often feel trapped as to not knowing which one is best for fear that you are missing a better option.

So I often use this approach as a way to stimulate my own creativity. I load up a template or a session, and I say, these, the only instruments I'm going to use for this whole project, this whole album, this whole track. Because if I give myself too many choices, I will waste energy thinking about the choices I always to time faffing about. And I will start to second guess my decisions. And those three things will just take away your creativity like that. So what you need to do limit yourself, remove the choice, do not give yourself the option. It's as simple as that load up your logic file or whatever it is, limit your choice. I'm only going to use two instruments. In fact, I've started a series of videos on YouTube, where I say, I'm only going to write music using a single sample and a single drum kit. And then I try and make everything around that.And actually you'd be so surprised how fun and freeing it is.

Maybe sometimes you spend a little bit of time tweaking to get the sound you want, but you know, it just means that you get better at fine tuning your ears and your actions together to produce the music you want, but then going to be more you rather than just like chucking in a ton of libraries to layer and layer and layer create your own sounds explode your creativity by removing choice.