I want to give you a tip.

A really, really important tip for you to be able to find out what might be blocking your creativity.

This one is huge.

Really, really huge.

It's all about journaling.

So those of you who aren't familiar with journaling; it's simply sitting down with a pen and paper and writing.

It could be targeted journaling like answering questions or it could be free journaling where you just write down whatever's on your mind, almost like just dumping that junk.

This one is targeted.

This one is answering a specific question and that question is, "what triggered stress for me today?"

That's all it is.

What triggered stress for me today?

At the end of the day, write that down, and then write down the things that made you feel stressed.

Now why are we answering that question?

We want to figure out what triggers our stress, so that we can gently remove it from our life, or find ways to deal with it.

For instance it could be that the school run with the kids triggers stress for me today.

Why might that be?

Because I didn't feel like I had enough time, because I had to make their lunches get the school stuff ready etc.

So what could you do about that once you've figured it out?

You go, "Okay, well maybe I'll get all this stuff ready the day before. So that, that morning, the things that trigger stress for me, that feeling of not having enough time will be eased."

And it's the process you go through each day, and you figure out what it is that triggers stress for you and then you figure out a way to solve that problem, because we are presented these problems in our life so that we can solve them, so that we can learn from our lessons and become the person we are meant to be.

It's hugely, hugely effective this exercise so give it a try. at the end of today, sit down with a piece of paper. When you've got a bit of time just sit there and say, "What triggered stress for me today?" - and you think or write a list, and then you can qualify. The reason I felt stressed was because of X, Y and Z.

You can then begin to establish ways to counter those triggers.

That's it.

What you will eventually find is that if you take action on those things that have triggered stress, you will gradually reduce the stress in your life, and stress is a huge blockage for creative people. Stress will amplify your inner critic to the point where you won't let yourself write you won't let yourself be creative.

Creativity is all about flow. So if we've got anything in our life that's preventing that flow, we must address it.

So, this evening chaps. Grab your pens and paper and ask yourself what triggered stress for me today?

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