There are a number of well-known digital music distributors, among which include CD Baby and Tunecore, which are likely the most well-established of the bunch.

But these are not the most popular distributors, that honor goes to Distrokid! 

How Does Distrokid Work?

Although DistroKid is one of the more recent companies to enter the market, it is quickly becoming the most well-known distribution service available.

DistroKid is the easiest option for musicians to get their music into shops and streaming services because of its affordable costs and simple music business model. 

Since the company’s creation, hundreds of musicians and record companies from all over the world have switched to using it because it’s both creative and favorable to artists.

Here is everything that you need to know about Distrokid and how the platform works. 

What Is Distrokid And How Does It Work?

Distrokid is a digital distributor. This means that the platform will transfer your music, cover art, and data to other streaming services including but not limited to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Amazon, YouTube, and more. 

Once it is available, listeners will be able to find you and your music on the platforms listed above.

Because Distrokid is the only music distribution service that allows you to upload an infinite amount of music to streaming for a single, affordable payment, this feature alone is a huge selling point for the company. 

In addition to this, all of your royalties will be placed directly into your own personal account.

Another big benefit of Distrokid is its superiority over its rivals in terms of the upload speed of your music to streaming services.

If you choose Distrokid as your distributor, the company says that your music will be available10–20 times sooner than with any other provider. 

You may also view your daily metrics through a straightforward user interface.

DistroKid is responsible for the collection of profits and payments, and then transfers one hundred percent of these earnings to the artists.

Key Features Of Distrokid

Automatic Income Splits 

Simply inform Distrokid of who should be paid and how much they should be paid. The rest will be handled by the platform.


One of the best features that Distrokid offers is “Hyperfollow,”. This allows you to establish your very own personalized page on which your fans may pre-save your future songs.

Artists now have a landing page at their disposal, complete with a simple link that can be included in their bios. 

When the song is released, if a fan has pre-saved it, it will be added to their Spotify collection automatically. In addition to this, they will immediately begin following your artist page on Spotify. 

The final step is that when a fan pre-saves music by entering their email address, the artist is informed and given access to that fan’s email address.

Building email lists and keeping track of how engaged an audience is easy with this method!

How Does Distrokid Work?

Support For Lyrics 

If you add lyrics to your music, Distrokid will take care of submitting them to services on your behalf.

Instant Spotify For Music Creators

Spotify for Artists is an app developed by Spotify that provides musicians with access to statistics, control over their profiles, access to Spotify’s Artist Support staff, and the coveted blue verified checkmark that appears on their artist pages. 

Typically, to gain access to this you must first submit an application, which might involve a long wait and carries might be refused.

When an artist signs up for Distrokid, they will receive fast verification and be granted access to their Spotify for Artists account without this waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Distrokid Cost? 

For the price of $19.99 per year, you can upload an infinite quantity of music through a site. You have complete control over how much content you upload, and you will retain every penny of what you make. 

The main distinction between this service and others is that Distrokid needs you to pay each time you submit music, which might add up to a significant additional expense if you intend to publish a lot. 

If you want extra benefits from the site, Distrokid does provide a variety of programs for you to choose from, including a service for record labels.

There is the Musician plan, which costs $19.99 per year, as well as the Musician Plus plan, which costs $35.99 per year, and the Label plan, which costs $79.99 per year. 

Visit the website of DistroKid to view the whole list of available plans.

Artists also have the option of entering “splits,” which allows them to fill in a percentage split between themselves and a co-writer, co-performer, producer, or anybody else involved in the creation of the work in question. 

The payment of royalties will occur on a regular basis, which is wonderful news for artists as well. 

Is it Safe to Use DistroKid?

Yes, this is a very safe service.

When transmitting credit card information, Distrokid employs SSL encryption that is on par with that used by banks.

After that, the credit card information is securely transmitted straight from your browser to our credit card processor; your credit card numbers themselves never really make contact with our servers or our database.

Your entire session is SSL encrypted (“https”).

In addition to encrypting your connection with SSL, all of Distrokid’s users are required to verify the phone number that is associated with their respective accounts.

Additionally, Distrokid has something called “two-factor authentication.” This means that if you sign in for the first time from a device that they are not familiar with, they will send you an email with a secret code. 

To prove that you are who you say you are, you will be required to enter that code into Distrokid. All of this works together to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your Distrokid account.