In this post I show you how to duplicate tracks in Logic Pro X. It’s super easy.

Why would you even want to duplicate your tracks?

This is a really useful question as it reflects the importance of workflow in your DAW.

Duplicating tracks is a massive time saver. It stops you having to copy effect chains, bus routing, automation information, effects parameters etc.

All of these things take time and that is our most precious resource.

The other side of this is that using our time to do small but laborious tasks quickly drains us of our creative energy. This energy is vital for us to create quickly and easily.

That’s why we learn shortcuts like this.


Duplicate tracks using a button

Once you have created a track that you are happy with and would like to duplicate it is simply a case of clicking on a single button and that will create a new track with duplicate settings.

Duplicate tracks using hotkeys

Again, once you have a track you want to duplicate simply press ‘CMD‘ + ‘D‘. This will create a new track with duplicate settings.

There you have it.

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