I am always curious about stuff. I love learning and often wonder what makes something tick.

Recently I have been wondering about trap music.

I realised I didn't know what is was or what made it 'trap' and not any other genre or style.

So I am going to start on a journey of learning about trap music.

Starting my journey towards trap music mastery

So like most newbies and educational enthusiasts I am going to start with a list of questions that I hope to answer in my research.

So what are my questions?

  1. What is trap music?
  2. When did trap music start?
  3. Who started it?
  4. Where did it get it's name from?
  5. Who were/are the big names in trap music?
  6. What makes it trap music?
  7. How do you make a trap beat?
  8. Are there trap chord progressions?
  9. What tools do trap artists use?
  10. What structure do you use in trap music?

I think that about sums up my questions. I am sure that more will pop up as I go along.

I am very aware that the last few questions might bring up quite a considerable amount of new questions; best trap bass, best trap drums etc.

I am going to be learning out loud with this so as I do my research I will post it here so we can all learn together and hopefully we can all, by the end of this, be masters of trap music.

I want it to be like in the Matrix when Neo plugs in and learns kungfu.