I need to hear this.

You need to hear this.

It is a matter of great importance. We all need to stop worrying about producing "hits" or "masterpieces" or some other word that puts a huge amount of pressure on us as creators.

What really matters is the process of producing the work. The sheer act of producing something and getting out into the world.

I can't tell you how important this is.

I'm not telling you this from a place of status or greater knowledge. I am telling you this because I need to hear this too.

Who cares what people say about your work, as long as you like it and enjoy the process you will eventually find people who like it too.

"But what if my website isn't perfect when I go to launch?"

Does it really matter all that much?

Answer this.

Have you ever gone to a site that has some kind of mistake or error in it?

Erm of course you have.

Did you think "well this person clearly knows nothing and is rubbish and should suck it?"

Erm no becasue you are not a completely horrible person.

Case in point.

If someone whos work I knew and loved started showing me sketches or behind the scenes stuff would I think anything less of them? No. Quite the opposite. I am endlessly fascinated by what other people produce and how they work.

In those rare moments when I have seen a work in progress or sketchbook or something then I have been blissfully excited and somewhat honoured.

'They are letting me into their mind!'

This is exactly the reason I launched my podcast 'Soft Piano Music by Richard Pryn'; daily piano improvisations recorded using a zoom stood on my piano.

I wanted to release music that was unplanned, unpolished, unrehearsed. I wanted to release my audio sketchbook into the world.

The results have been amazing. It is now, by far, my most listened to podcast. And what's more, I really am proud of every single one of those pieces of music. In a matter of months I have produced over 100 solo piano pieces that I am proud of and enjoy listening too.

The process of writing and playing. I was doing it anyway as part of my day so why not record it and share it with the world?

Maybe you can try this too? Share an aspect of your process with the world. IT is incredibly liberating.

‎Soft Piano Music by Richard Pryn on Apple Podcasts
Soft, delicate piano pieces that capture the beauty and fragility of improvisation. All the natural ambience and sounds of the player and his surroundings are captured (including the odd passing car and playing children).Listen to the live recordings of multi-award winning composer Richard Pryn comp…

So what of perfection?

Surely I can produce perfect work and get it done?

Nope. No you can't and I will tell you why not.

Perfection is an idea. A constantly changing one at that. Perfection is a moving target dependant on mood, opinions, thoughts, emotions, current abillity.

Those times when I have spent hours and hours tweaking minor things that no one even notices have never paid off.

What has paid off has been calling it a day and letting go of the work.

Today I have done a good job, now let's see what tomorrow brings.