Today I wanted to talk about something we often hold with us that stops, stops our flow.

It prevents our creativity from flowing. And this thing was brought to my attention when I was watching one of the Star Wars films, episode eight, I believe.

It's when Luke is talking to Kylo Ren on that awesome planet with white dust that turns to red. Amazing.

He says to him, "strike me down in anger, and I'll always be with you."

Now, that always stuck with me anyway that quote, but the idea that holding on to anger is something. It means that we will hold on to that anger and it will be with us always means it's just baggage that we're carrying around with us.

And any excess baggage mentally or physically is going to pull us down.

The really interesting thing about this idea is that I know some people see anger as a driving force. I personally see it as something that blocks our flow that prevents our creativity from coming through in its full and most purest form.

The reason I like to see it like this is because I have noticed on those times when I'm holding a lot of anger, my focus isn't as good. I can't hold my own attention on my work as much because I'm seething.

And I want to bring this to your attention, that if you're angry about something, the anger is just on you.

It's not on the other person.

There's that proverb which I'm sure I'm going to completely destroy here. Where   anger is just you holding a super hot stone in your hand, wanting to throw it at someone, BUT the only person you're hurting is yourself because you're burning yourself, that stone that you want to throw at the other person isn't going to hurt that other person because you're just holding on to it.

So, what do we do about this.

We try to find ways to let that anger go.

And I know this is actually quite difficult to do. And there are plenty of ways you can do it.

Personally, the way I like to do it is practice forgiving somebody, and I know when you hear forgiveness, but actually it's really important there's the idea. The idea that internally you say, "I forgive you". And if needs be. I'm sorry.

You don't have to say it to their face, but practice saying it internally. And what you'll notice over time is that that anger that you're holding on to gradually dissipates.

Some might say "well, Surely it's just time?!"

But I see it as time, and visualisation, because when you visualise forgiving someone it's kind of like you're letting go a little bit of what you're holding on to.

And of course, exercise, meditation, walking, breathing, exercises; these things are really really good too.

So, rather than striking someone down in anger (metaphorically) and always stopping your flow of your work, your creativity.

Practice letting go, so that you can regain the purest form of your creativity and let that beautiful work come through you, because that's, I believe, why we're here, to share our gifts with the world