This quote helped me so much to work on the balance in my life.

Have you ever heard the proverb enough is good as a feast. I read this in I book it was a Tim Ferriss book, I think.

And I thought it, obviously, I love quotes. I looked at that, I thought this is fantastic.

You know, enough is good as a face to how can I apply this to me, my working life, and perhaps even help you guys a little bit.

And I was thinking about life and the balance that we're always trying to strive for. You know, having fun, doing work, spending time with people, spending time with ourselves.

And it struck me that this quote is kind of the answer for that balance. Now I just want to address something first.

And that, that thing is that balance has never been like an achievable status. It's a constant working thing. So it was never like, Oh, I have achieved balance, and balance stays there for the rest of your life.

You need to work on it all the time. And I think this proverb enough is good as a face is the perfect thing to help you and help me achieve it.

So how can we take that quote and make it something that we can use in our life? And I think the trick to it is thinking about moderation.

The middle path doesn't work too much, but make sure you do work. Don't have too much fun to make sure you do have fun.

Don't spend too much time with every, you know, all of your friends, but do spend time with them. And it's just actually addressing those things in your life. Where are you having enough? Or where are you taking seconds and thirds and too many portions of the same thing? No pun there. And that's the really interesting thing. So I'd like you guys to think about this, look at your life, you know, the key areas, the relationships, the work, the money the leisure time, the spirituality I'm sure there's a couple more that I'm forgetting and think to yourself, am I going down the path of moderation with those things?

What parts of my life could I have more of, or what parts of my life could I have less of? And hopefully what you can start to then do is redress certain things. Now, for me, it's a case of sometimes work is the thing where I'm taking seconds.

I don't necessarily mean time, but my brain is in the workspace when I'm with my family or my brain is in the workspace when I'm trying to sleep.

And it's about understanding that that is unnecessary. So that's what you need to do. Take this quote. This proverb enough is good as a feast and try to readdress the balance in your life.