Today I wanted to talk about goal setting, and in particular, an incredibly vital part of goal setting that you just simply cannot miss.

And I mean, it in the sense that you cannot forget to include this in your goal setting and unfortunately, so many people do.

That's often because we're not taught to include this in our goal setting. We're not taught to think of of this, when we're thinking about our life in the future.

And this thing is all about the way you want to feel, how do you want to feel in the future.

Now the reason why this is really important is because it's a 'why' it's not a 'how' or 'where' or 'when' or 'what'.

It's a reason to do what we want to do.

We're not saying in the future "I want to earn a million dollars" because I want $2 million.

You're saying to yourself "I want to feel free from worry of money. I want to feel free from the worry of time". And all of that money will enable you to do that.

So it's so important that when you're writing your goals down you simply say "how do I want to feel?".

And that's the first thing you should do because then you align your feeling with your goals.

You then say for instance, "I want to feel peaceful", and then you start to establish what the things you would want to do that bring peace to your life. Otherwise, what you'll do is you'll then start to chase these goals that aren't giving you the feeling that you truly deserve.

They're not letting you enjoy the life you want to enjoy.

I often think about drive. I consider myself to be quite a driven person. I you know I work really hard towards the goals I want to achieve.

When I first started out, I didn't think about how I wanted to feel. Because then what happened as I worked towards my goals "this X amount of trailers per year, this x amount of money per year", I realised I haven't been enjoying the process as much as I should have done.

It's kind of like you realize, "I have achieved my goals, but I'm now not getting the time to appreciate what I have achieved, because I didn't set feeling into my goal setting when I first started."

I didn't set to myself. "Rich, You want to feel at peace you want to feel like you have time to enjoy doing nothing. Because that is important."

You know, we are in a world of balance, and we need to have balance in our lives we can't just work all the time we can't just do nothing all the time we have to have balance of activity and inactivity. And I've noticed that my drive over the years has prevented me from stopping and enjoying the view.

That's why a lot of people talk about the importance of the journey over the place you want to get.

That is why I want you to go back to your goals and think to yourself, "what do I want to feel?"

You might say "I want to feel relaxed - what's gonna make me feel relaxed? I want to feel happy - what's gonna make me feel happy? I want to feel peaceful - what's gonna make me feel peaceful?"

Just go through it like that, that is really really simple, and it's incredibly effective.

So give it a try, guys, how do you want to feel in your future?