In this article, I give you 5 ways to make your piano chords sound better.

This is a piano-focused tutorial for those of you who want to improve your piano writing skills.

Even if you don't consider yourself a pianist these tips will really help you to improve your piano writing skills.

To keep it simple, I am going to be using the chords C Am F G throughout this whole tutorial.

Who Am I To Teach You This?

Over the years I have become known for my Piano Works with Elephant Music which has been amazing as it has meant that I have been able to continue to compose piano-based music for film trailers.  Which is amazing!

The most recent of which was a drama-focused release (Piano Works 9) where we recorded the piano live with an amazing string trio.

The sound we achieved was intimate and almost Phillip Glass-sequel which was amazing. I got quite emotional about it!

If your piano is sounding a little too machine-like then use these 5 simple steps to make your piano sound more realistic

5 Tips to Make Your Piano Chords Sound Better

  • Use Different Voicings
  • Use tension and release in your chords (suspensions)
  • Use 5th chords in your left hand
  • Layer ostinatos over your chords
  • Explore different voicings (7ths etc.)
If you are feeling like you are struggling to even write a simple melody that sounds any good then you'll love these 5 steps to better piano writing.