In this episode of the Trailer Music Composer's Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jiri Nemec.

Jiri reached out to me via email with the subject line "Star Wars placement at 17 thanks to your podcast", and I knew I had to have him on the show to explain this great success at such a young age (obvs).

Having fun is the most important way to kill your inner critic - Jiri Nemec

What We Discuss on the Show

  • Learning from YouTube
  • Self-imposed deadlines
  • Beating your inner critic
  • Reaching out to publishers
  • Having a community to share
  • The importance of publishing on Youtube
  • How 'Design Thinking' Can help you in your craft

About Jiri Nemec

At just 17, Jiri Nemec composed for Disney, Lucasfilm, and Universal, leaving his mark on iconic films like Star Wars and Super Mario Bros. His self-taught journey of composition started when he got a piano at the age of 10. From that moment, he knew music was his calling.

His upcoming album blends cutting-edge orchestral production with pop and EDM elements, resulting in an unforgettable sonic experience. Jiri wants to create music that not only supports a film narrative but also has its own story that people can relate to. Creating a community and inspiring people with his music is the power that drives him forward.

Tools Jiri Uses

Piano - Noire by Native Instruments

String Shorts

String Longs





FX Plugins

Where You Can Find Jiri