In this interview, Richard is joined by the orchestral mixing engineer Joël Dollié.

In the episode, Joël discusses:

  • how he got into mixing and mastering,
  • his advice for other audio freelancers,
  • his passion for creating his own plugins,
  • and of course, gives some absolute diamond advice for mixing orchestral and trailer music.

About Joël

Joël Dollié is a French Mixing and Mastering engineer whose work can be heard throughout the music and entertainment industry.

Joel's works also include productions by electronic media giants like Tencent, Ubisoft and Riot Games (credits include League of Legends, Honor of Kings, and The Division 2) as well as major artists like Grammy-nominated producers ‘‘Cubeatz’’, Gryffin, Simon Khorolskiy and many more. Spitfire Audio's acclaimed BBC Symphony Orchestra sample library is showcased using demonstration tracks mixed and mastered by Joel.

His talents have also been utilized by trailer music companies including Ghostwriter Music, SPM Music Group, Sonic Symphony, Cavalry Music and more. His mixes can be heard in trailer campaigns like ‘‘Loki’’ (TV Series), ‘‘Abominable’’ or ‘‘The Chosen’’.

In 2022, Joël created an audio Plug-In company named ‘’JDFactory’’ which features high-quality minimalistic plugins, designed to speed up the workflow of composers and mixing engineers.

Joel's passion for music production includes sharing his knowledge and skills with those striving to take their music production skills to the next level. His eBook - "Mixing Modern Orchestral Music" - provides an inside look at Joel's mixing concepts and methodologies and discusses modern techniques for processing contemporary orchestral and trailer-oriented music.

"Mixing Modern Orchestral Music" is available on Amazon.

For the same purpose of educating the novices, he also wrote a mixing course “Cinematic Music Mixing” on the Master The Score education platform which explores modern ways to mix orchestral and hybrid music.

Joël’s website:

Joël’s Plugins:

Fab Filter Pro-Q3

LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms

DMG Audio Compressors

FabFilter ProMB

Soundtoys Decapitator

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