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The Quiet Whisper: Issue 12

Quick and Easy Mindset Shift

This weekend I went to a stag do in Krakow, Poland.

It was awesome.

On my return, I had the whole week planned; all the content I was going to produce, all the fun family days we had planned, and even what TV I was going to watch.

Then illness struck and it all went out of the window. Thankfully I have been fine. My wife and daughter on the other hand have been poorly so I have been looking after them and helping them rest and recover.

I like looking after them and the general day-to-day. That's cool. However, when I have plans that then change at the last minute I can't help feeling frustrated.

I recently read something from James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, that really helped me this week. A simple tool to help shift your mindset quickly and easily see things in a more positive light.

We all have stuff we have got to do right!? Chores, housework, mundane tasks etc. You know the stuff I am talking about.

We don't really want to do it but we have got to do it anyway.

James Clear suggests that instead of seeing them as things we have got to do, see them as things we get to do.

For example, I haven't got to unload the dishwasher - I get to unload the dishwasher. I haven't got to do the weekly food shop - I get to do the weekly food shop.

All of a sudden, just by replacing "got to" with "get to" these things suddenly seem like gifts that you are lucky to be able to do.


This week when my plans changed, I said to myself, "I get to take my kids to school, look after the day-to-day and look after my family" and it felt really nice.

What things do you get to do?

🎧 I’m Listening To…

The singer/songwriter Phoebe Bridgers reminds me of a mix of Sufjan Stevens, Sam Amidon, Simon & Garfunkel and the movie Lost in Translation. I have been really enjoying her album Stranger in the Alps her beautiful performance of Killer + The Sound with Abby Gundersen and Noah Gundersen which is simply stunning.

🖼 I’m Reading...

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss. I am such a huge fan of Tim's output and this book is no exception. It's one of those books I would classify as a "toilet book" - not because it's crap but because it's the type of book that is great to dip in and out of a little bit at a time (on the loo). Each time getting a wonderful new insight into living life to the fullest.

Here's the man himself introducing the book:

📺 I’m Watching...

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. I LOVE heartwarming movies, especially those that I can watch with the whole family. My wife and I have 3 kids ages 3, 6 and 9. One of our struggles is finding a film that they all want to watch. Luckily we managed to convince them all to watch this one. This is just a really lovely movie that we all really enjoyed - with great tunes too. My favourite part was the scene with the Mum and Dad going through their transformation with Lyle, forgetting their worries and living the life they want.

🔥 I’m Loving...

I love what Christian Henson and Pianobook have done for composers around the world. Bringing together music makers of all kinds to enjoy our shared love of sounds, samples, and toys to make music with. The latest release from Pianobook is a collaboration to create the world's biggest braaam...need I say more?

🌟 New(ish) From Rich

Colouring book for my kids

During the first lockdown, my daughter wanted a unicorn colouring book and true to my nature rather than spend $4 on a new one I decided to hire an illustrator to create my own one for her. She loves it which is awesome and it was a steep learning curve on Amazon SEO and colouring book design.

Unicorn Coloring Book: For Kids Ages 4-8 (US edition): Press, Fluffy Cloud: 9798709811171: Books
Buy Unicorn Coloring Book: For Kids Ages 4-8 (US edition) by Press, Fluffy Cloud (ISBN: 9798709811171) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

What Are “Stems” Anyway?

I posted this last week but forgot to put the link in (classic). These little pieces of audio are essential to all music producers. We need them to get our tracks mixed and mastered, we need to deliver them to clients for their projects, and they help us mix better. But what exactly are they?

What are Stems in Music Production?
In this post I explain everything you need to know about Stems in music production.

❝ Quote of the week:

The key to a great life is simply having a bunch of great days. So you can think about it one day at a time."

- Mr. Money Mustache aka Pete Adeney

🎁 A Gift For My Subscribers

Four years ago I created a little instrument based on my album Throat 4. At the time I created a video of myself creating it (I laughed when I saw that I had included my outtakes at the start).  

Anyway, it hasn't been available since then so I am giving it to you, my subscribers, as a little gift.

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