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The Quiet Whisper | Issue 20

Everything I know about Trailer Music

My family and I have just moved to a new house - as in two days ago!!  Whoop!

In the lead-up to this move, I have been thinking a lot about my work and you guys, my amazing audience.

I absolutely LOVE creating all this content; music, courses, posts, videos, and podcasts.

The biggest reason for me to create all this content (aside from the joy it brings me), is to share my knowledge with you.

Over the last 5 years, I have created hundreds of tutorials that have gone on to form the backbone of the 25+ courses I have created. Courses that I am extremely proud of.

These courses are mostly trailer music courses. But the lessons in these courses span all the media that I have experience in composing music for; film, TV, advertising, etc.

I genuinely want to show you everything I know about trailer music.

That's why I put all of my trailer music courses together to create the most comprehensive education on writing trailer music there is.

It's like the characters in Captain Planet or the Power Rangers; each course on its own is pretty badass, but when you put them all together they make an educational force that would make Yoda excited!

Not only have I combined all 12 of these amazing courses into one but I am also putting them on one massive sale.

Yes, I am offering you a whopping $800 discount on the Ultimate Trailer Music Bundle. The bundle will be available, for one week, at the discounted price of only $697 for a complete education in trailer music.

🖼 I’m Reading...

That Little Voice In Your Head: Adjust the Code that Runs Your Brain by Mo Gawdat (affiliate link). I have never before read a book that so clearly and beautifully explains how our brains work (often badly). Not only that, he gives such simple and amazing tools to cope with that naughty little monkey mind. If you have ever suffered from uncontrollable thoughts, anxiety, or low mood (and who hasn't suffered from one of these?)  you must read this. Couldn't recommend it more highly tbh.

📺 I’m Watching...

Ali Abdaal's video editing in Final Cut Pro course. As part of my push to keep on learning, I decided to improve my editing skills. Loving Ali's content as I do, I trusted that he would deliver a clear and easy-to-follow course. Which he has. In fact, this course got me feeling pretty confident using FCP now. It has allowed me to add another creative outlet that I enjoy to my list. Woohoo!

🔥 I’m Studying...

The Ruby Gillman trailer. It features the track Dream City by Chris Davey (see below). In this video, I break down how the track is used in this trailer to great effect.

❝ Quote of the week:

Creation is a better means of self-expression and possession; it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed."
- Vida Dutton Scudder


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The Trailer Music CourseThe perfect course to get you started writing trailer music

Trailer Music for BeginnersLearn to create trailer music with nothing but FREE samples

🎁 This Week's Release

Years ago I recorded my friend Tim playing expressive long notes on the Cello. I wanted some samples I could easily chuck into any project and they would sound beautiful. This little Kontakt instrument was the result.

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