I had the idea in the middle of the night to give myself more creative challenges.

Create more without editing, not giving my inner critic a chance to kick in.

The idea is that I choose a drum kit and then a single sound sample that then become the ONLY instruments and sounds I can use in my Logic session.

Limitation sparks creativity, or something like that.

So that is exactly what I did this afternoon.

I recorded myself singing "Bo" (at C3) into my Rode Podcaster USB mic (no frills here either) and then loaded it into Kontakt.

From here I proceeded to create my track 'Body and Soul'.

I didn't manage my ambitious task of doing it in under ten minutes but I did manage it in 25 minutes which I am pretty chuffed with.

I then used a further 20 minutes to bounce down the samples so that I can create a sample library of those sounds which I will probably call "Bo" or something to that effect.

You can get your copy of that little library by supporting me (here on this site) for the price of a couple of coffees per month.

I hope you enjoy this show and would love to see/hear anything you make as a result!