In this episode, Richard talks to Kris Bradley, the CEO, and founder of Boom Fox Productions and Produce-Like-A-Boss.

Kris Bradley is a songwriter/producer with credits including Sony BMG, Warner Chappell, Rolling Stone Magazine, Fox, Lincoln, and Miramax. She heads Boomfox Productions, producing for various sync projects, artists, and songwriters.

She is also the founder of Produce Like a Boss, which is an online coaching program geared towards the songwriter/producer, rather than the engineer. Her ‘non-techy and simplified style of teaching is helping tons of artists learn how to produce their own music.

In this show, we discuss how Kris achieved her goal of helping aspiring musicians by teaching them to produce music at a professional level; to become more advanced in songwriting, making beats and licensing.

In this episode, Kris shares:

  • When her grandmother taught her to play pieces on the piano.
  • Her experiences in seeing different musical genres across various cultures as she travels around the world.
  • Her advice in nourishing one’s entrepreneurial skills.
  • The challenges and struggles she faced during the early years of her musical journey as a songwriter.
  • How she successfully coped with tremendous anxieties through the use of meditation.
  • How to earn a decent living from licensing tracks through film trailers, TV shows, beats licensing, and pitching demos while building a marketing strategy
  • How her two companies enable her to do more in creating systems, delegation, and project management.
  • This a good analogy about planting seeds and waiting for them to grow while moving progressively along the path towards one’s goals.

Tune in to learn more about vocal session work, custom writing, and music production as an effective and proficient beat maker while making the best use of your time.

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