In this episode, Richard talks to Lennon Bone about his amazing career and how it has led to him setting up his online community, Stop The Starving Artist.

Lennon spent 15 years as a professional musician - getting to write and record with a Grammy Nominee, play major music festivals, tour over 14 countries and have his playing and writing heard on movies and TV.  

Now he helps people grow their audience and revenue by tens and hundreds of thousands by figuring out how to just be themselves. That's what Lennon wants to help you do. To show up and turn your creativity into MEANINGFUL WORK.

In this episode, Lennon shares:

· His memories with his brass band in Kansas City.
· His experience of being a drummer and professional musician.
· Striving to be a good father for his kids and a loving husband for his wife while maintaining his music career.
· The struggles that he faced when he lost his balance between his family and his music career and the mindset shift it took to change his life.
· A great analogy about the two wolves inside one’s head.
· How he manages his time and makes his day as productive and meaningful as possible.
· The importance of courage and determination in fulfilling one’s dreams.
· The principles of creating a YouTube channel and how to make it a success.

1.) Anthony Bourdain

3.) Tim Schmoyer's Youtube Channel – Video Creators

4.) Drum Corps International (DCI) Competitive Brass Band

5.) Pat Flynn

6.) Stop The Starving Artist

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