In this episode, Richard talks to Xylo Aria about the importance of reaching out to people and making real friends while pursuing a professional music career.

Xylo Aria is an artist, producer and the founder of online learning platform, Music Production for Women (MPW). Through MPW, she is determined to break down the barriers she faced in approaching music tech, while making the space more inviting for women. Since launch in 2019, MPW has partnered with global brands, been featured in numerous podcasts and articles on the topic around the world.

In this episode, Xylo shares:

  • Her childhood memories when she discovered her love for music.
  • The need to put boundaries between work and personal life.
  • Her social media activities such as the courses she offers, her Podcast and YouTube channel.
  • The impact of hearing the voices of more women in the field of music production.
  • The positive impact a psychologist can have on your life.
  • The importance of understanding our own limitations and using them as strengths.
  • The changes that she made to improve her daily routine such as exercising and meditating.
  • Her favourite book written by the author, Louise Hay entitled, “You Can Heal Your Life”.


  1. Music Production for Women
  2. Louise Hay Publishing Company
  3. LMA Youtube Channel

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