This week I decided to sort out my workspace. As most of you know, we moved house recently, which has meant that I have a new workspace.

Up until now, I had been crammed onto my 9-year-old's desk and pretty much surrounded by a mess of wires, instruments, and paperwork.

That was all well and good, (well not that good - and kinda uncomfortable) but I figured it was about time that I took some time to actually design my space and not simply get a bigger desk.

So, I started by thinking about how I actually use the space and what I want to be doing in the space.

It's a really interesting way to approach your workspace and one I've not used before.

So I started by thinking "What do I want to be doing in my workspace?"

And the answer  -  composing, vlogging, and blogging.

Until now I have only ever partly thought about my space in a "well I write music so I need to be able to reach my MIDI keyboard" way! I had not considered the fact that I produce a lot of videos and written content.

Previously I would just chuck the camera near my face without much thought to the space and how it looks, which I think was a massive oversight.

So I watched this great video on the Think Media YouTube channel and as a result sat down and tried to design the space to include not just a station for composing, but also vlogging, AND a good camera position for my tutorials.

This is kind of the set-up that I have gone for; cameras sat on tripods behind the desk with mics and lights to boot. This means that I can easily access all the equipment and also feel literally "in the zone"

It's not yet finished but I am feeling really excited about the prospect of the space actively encouraging the work that I want to produce - music, videos, and blogs.

One more note. I am also in the process of designing the space in front of the cameras so that when I record my videos there is some cool lighting, objects and beautiful art (created by my wife of course).

The Quiet Whisper | Issue 34

Redesigning Your Space

🎧 I’m Listening To…

Goldmund. As I mentioned last week I have been loving the warm musical hug that the music of Keith Kenniff supplies and this week I am still loving being in that sound world. The sound he gets from his piano is stunning!

🗞 I’m Reading...

About how the Wim Hof Method lowers the pain threshold. Although I am not as regular with cold showers these days, I still use breathing exercises every day for multiple reasons: because they are bloody brilliant; help calm my mind, relax my body, and bring me back to the moment.

📺 I’m Watching...

Hearing Henry Cavill talking about how much he loves Warhammer 40k makes me love him even more. There is something that seems to light up in me when I hear people I respect in one way or another openly embrace their inner nerd.

🔥 I’m Still Loving...

Rabbia E Tarrentella by Ennio Morricone. I first heard it in the credits of Inglorious Basterds and fell in love with it immediately (although from 2:20 it loses itself a little I feel). It's actually a really great showcase of slowly introducing elements for a cinematic build.

🌟 New From Rich

Sometimes when you notice that you are not able to control your behaviour you have to change the environment to encourage the behaviour you want.

Enough is Enough: 30 Days Without Email
I had started to notice that I was addicted to not only my phone but also my emails so I decided to take some action…

❝ Quote of the week:

“If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is, too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.” - Tim Ferriss


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