In this episode, Richard talks to Steph Jamieson about getting through the haze of confusion and determining the right path for her career with the aim of inspiring musicians.

Steph Jamieson is a composer & artist based in Australia.

Steph's music is characterised by a sense of beauty, with inspiration drawn from landscapes and nature. Steph has a passion for combining cinematic orchestration with ethereal piano, electronic pads, and soundscape textures. Her music often features poetic lyricism, and experimentation with various genres whilst remaining accessible and melodic.

In this episode, Richard and Steph discuss:

· The Law of Attraction

· How she was introduced to music and how her family supported her to achieve her professional growth

· Her dealings with the need for physical and emotional closeness

· Her advocacies in her global leadership program while working with the international education University

· Her joy of seeing her students grow and flourish toward maturity in their music career

· Her remarkable memories while traveling all over the world and learning from different cultures

· The importance of having a sense of humour, newness, and adventure.

· Her travel plans to achieve her musical energy project.

· Her career plans to work with orchestras and professional musicians and artists.

· Her goal of speaking at forums and events and become an inspiration to others.

· Her detailed plans to achieve her goals and her creative journey in life.

1.) Global Leadership Program

2.) Matt D Avella Minimalist Documentary (Netflix)

3.) Beau Miles Australian Youtuber and PAL

4.) Elephant Music

5.) John Lee Dumas Podcast

6.)  Music Production for Women

7.) Tim Ferris Book, The Four Hour Workweek

8.) Sydney Opera House

9.) Jonny Greenwood Guitarist Radiohead

Connect with Steph Jamieson

Instagram: @_stephjamieson