In this episode, Richard Schrieber talks with Ben Preston a composer of trailers for TV, Film and, Computer Games.

Ben Preston is a multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer based in the deepest, darkest surrey. He has had music placed in a host of film trailers, computer games, and TV adverts for the likes of The Fast & Furious, Wreck-it Ralph 2, Free Guy, M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Old’, Apple TV & Sony Mobile.  Ben also works under various guises such as ‘The Wild’ & ‘Kat Krazy’ where he remixes many pop artists and releases pop-dance tracks clocking up over 100 million streams. Writing music for media is where his heart remains firm amongst the different areas of the industry.

In this episode, Ben and I also talked about:

·       How to overcome panic attacks

·       The effects of stress on creativity

·       The best way to spend your day

·       The most productive time of the day

·       How it feels to be in a studio producing music

·       The feeling of happiness and contentment with remixes

·       Advice to people struggling with their creativity

Tune in to learn more about life around music production and the struggles we all face, how it feels to be in the studio, and how to get through panic attacks. You will also learn the secrets of being successful in your journey of music production.

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