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The Quiet Whisper | Issue 19

Are we having fun yet?

My kids are always reminding me of one of the main reasons I got into music in the first place - because it is so much fun.

Well, it can be.

Over the years, the "business" of making money from music has often clouded my enjoyment of it. So much so that, on more than one occasion, I have considered giving it up completely.

The other day, my wife Debs, our three kids and I were going for a walk in the woods making up funny songs that we could record and make together.

One of the songs that came out of that fun was sampling our youngest, Phoebe, asking for more strawberries.

The kids and I had a blast making this little song and it is a healthy reminder to have fun when making music and don't let the final outcome get in the way of that.

Remember to do things just because you find joy in doing them.

🎧 I’m Listening To…

Bon Iver. If you haven't realised yet, I am a sucker for alt-indie, especially if it has an acoustic bent and Justin Vernon aka Bon Iver certainly supplies that in buckets. My favourite songs of his are when he sings mostly in falsetto like in Skinny Love.

🔥 I’m Loving...

The return of Party down. I have been a huge fan of this show since it first aired and grew to know and love the characters. It's awkward, silly, funny and just a little bit sad. Great TV IMO! Plus, it has given me a nice little made-up slogan for this week's newsletter, "Are we having fun yet?"

❌ You’ve been lied to

A couple of years ago I decided to record 3 vlogs a week for a few months. It was a great experience but the videos never really got any traction. I'm proud of the messages that I delivered so I went back over one of them and gave it a bit of a sharper edit. Make it more "YouTube friendly".

🖥 My Logic Tutorials Are Moving

Part of my YouTube output over the years has been to produce Logic Pro Tutorials. I initially created them as a way to remind myself of some basic stuff and also to practice my online teaching. They have been great for me but now they must another YouTube channel. I am a big fan of having a clear niche and YouTube thinks that my main channel is focused on Logic, which I don't want so I created this channel to house all my Logic tutorials.

🔥 Hot Trailer Music this Month

I wanted to start a new series on my Trailer Music School YouTube channel all about the trends in the industry. As I produced the video it became more about me choosing trailers that stood out for their music usage. I really enjoyed making this video and it went down a storm with my audience.

❝ Quote of the week:

"People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't think that's what we're really seeking. I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive."
- Joseph Campbell


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🎁 This Week's Release

One of my favourite things to do when making music is to go back to my guitarist roots and plug a sound through a sh*t-ton of effects.

For this week's release, I took some samples of me playing my tenor Ukulele and did just that - shoved them through a whole bunch of effect plugins to create the Amped Uke.


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