This month seems to be the month where we are starting to get more heartwarming and aspirational trailers. This makes me happy as I think there are not enough of those stories being told and I always love the music that gets used in the trailers.

Trailer Music Monthly | Issue 3

Even before I saw this trailer I decided it was going to be this month's featured trailer. Mostly because I LOVE Michael Peña and it's so nice to see him get the lead role in A Million Miles Away. Then I watched the trailer and knew it had to take this month's top spot. The music is FANTASTIC; dreamy ambience, quirky and clappy minimal electronica, and finally huge cinematic pop rock.

8 Trailers Worth Watching

  1. The way the visuals of the Napolean trailer are juxtaposed with the powerful and driving action sound design cue is just genius. I particularly like the distorted bass line at the 1-minute mark and how it goes all-out emotion in the third act.
  2. Who doesn't love a good dark fantasy trailer cue!? The Wonka trailer is no exception. It goes from dark whimsy to an outrageously uplifting family affair! Plus, what a nice take on a well-loved story.
  3. It is so nice to hear some unusual neoclassical piano in the She Came To Me trailer. It is then followed by some wonderful mildly quirky orchestral music with an upbeat twist. This was the type of music I would write for advertising campaigns all the time so it's nice to hear it on a movie trailer.
  4. I am such a sucker for some uplifting, heart-warming music and the trailer for The Great Escaper gave me chills and I won't lie, it had me welling up!
  5. The trailer for The Holdovers feels like I'm watching a trailer from the 90s about a film in the 70s. The intro music is a very uncommon choice but worth noting that there is room for it in the world of trailers. The reason I like this trailer is that it is a great example of commercial music being used to convey not just the mood but also the time and place of the movie (temporal and geographical referencing)
  6. The first act of The Hill trailer has the wonderful heartwarming feeling that I so love to hear. It is then followed through in Act 3 and gives you that "I can do anything" type of feeling which as a composer is one of my favourite moods to get to. Plus I LOVE a good timpani roll.
  7. Next Goal Wins is a masterclass in trailerising a track; listen to how the stems of the track are used to bring in quirky electronic, comedy drums, and then the full track.
  8. I love how The Kill Room utilises a dark guitar vibe in Act One and actually, the music throughout the trailer is really unusual. Touching in 70s heist music, a bit of soul, surf rock, The Dirty Three - weird but great.

❤ Rich's Favourite Track This Month

Weaver of Worlds by Harry Lightfoot and published by Audiomachine. The thing I love about this track is the second act, specifically the low-string legato line which so beautifully balances the piano and brass.

New Placement

I thought it would be an interesting one this month to show you a trailer that I know I landed but I do not know what cue and I do not know what trailer. This happens more often than I would care to admit. I don't know the cue because the name got changed after I delivered and I do not know the trailer because some film companies do not like people taking credit (or taking the wrong credit in some cases). So, I go paid for some of my music to be used on The Flash campaign but I don't know what or where 🤣

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