This month the trailers I have decided to focus on were chosen because they use things that we often overlook, like drones and nostalgic-sounding piano tracks.

As trailer music composers you have to think about all the other types of tracks that you can write, not just epic-hybrid. By doing this you will open yourself up to more opportunities for landing placements.

These Tools Are Still So Useful

Trailer Music Monthly Issue 5

Starting with hopeful acoustic, going into bizarre-quirky electronica, a trailerisation of the song The Weight by The Band is just brilliant. Completely bonkers and creepy all at once.

8 Trailers Worth Watching

  1. The Wonderwell trailer is a great example of those family adventure vibes I talked about in this video.
  2. The Iron Claw trailer is an absolute showcase of how drones are still an essential part of movie trailers.
  3. The first act of the trailer for Bodies uses those wonderful ticking clocks again - they are still so useful. It also takes the action up a notch and goes full hybrid in Act 3.
  4. I love the nostalgic piano they used in the trailer for American Fiction. Again, it's one of those styles that gets completely overlooked but is a vital part of heartwarming storytelling.
  5. Oh yes, I love it when I hear some off-the-wall semi-electronic quirky trailer music. The music in the Bad Behaviour trailer is almost more ad-friendly in its style and it is delightful. It then launches into some dark quirky strings.
  6. More dramatic piano in the trailer for The Old Oak.
  7. The Artful Dodger trailer uses those dark neo-classical string tracks that I have had a great amount of success with. A wonderful combination of neoclassical arpeggios, ticking clocks (yes those again), and signature sounds.
  8. The trailerisation of the Umpa-Lumpa song in the second trailer for Wonka is just brilliant. I really love how the second act visits a more Danny-Elfman-inspired oom-pah sound.

❤ Rich's Track This Month

My track Winter landed on a trailer this month and it has been so nice to listen to it again. I recorded most of the sounds using my voice, my podcast mic, and Logic's pitch-shifter combined with the tremolo plugin.

🎹 Trailer Music Tutorials This Month

It's been a busy month for my Trailer Music tutorials; How to write action comedy drums, dark quirky string music, and even uncovering some secrets to writing family adventure music that gives you Wonka vibes!

New Placements

This trailer for Lawmen: Bass Reeves uses my track, Winter. It is so nice to hear my voice being so front-and-centre in a trailer - all those synth-type sounds are my voice. I recorded myself using my Rode Podcaster because I couldn't be bothered to get my better mics out.

You can hear the full version of Winter here.

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