This month I decided to get back into my trailer music tutorials on my Trailer Music YouTube channel and I have been having a blast.

I have delved into inspiring first acts, dark dystopian first acts, and also action comedy drum tracks.

What doing this has reminded me is that trailer music is so awesome and the sound palette can be vast and varied.

In fact, that is one of the things that made me fall in love with it back in 2011 when I landed a track on the Men in Black 3 trailer.

This is why I ended up creating so many trailer music courses on small niches within the trailer music genre. Just because you can write great hybrid orchestral trailer music does not mean that you know how to write a great comedy track for example.

Trailer Music Monthly | Issue 4

2 First Act Masterclasses, Percussive Violin & A Free Piano

I just love what the composer and string players did in this trailer cue. Bloody brilliant. It really shows that you can take a well-known instrument and really explore its sounds to create interesting soundscapes. Plus, I love that they then went and made it into a full-blown orchestral horror-esque cue in Act 3 (including old-school choir stabs).

8 Trailers Worth Watching

  1. The vocal acapella music in the intro of Dream Scenario is a perfect example of how the use of vocals can be quirky and funny (not scary screams etc.) Also, check out the use of the riser over the Cranberries track - so simple and so great!
  2. The string textures in Act One of Butcher's Crossing are a great example of how simple textures can do a huge amount for your track. Also, I LOVE that little guitar-like plucked rhythm in Act Two - so atmospheric.
  3. I do not tire of clicky, snappy, clappy drum intros - this Pain Hustler's Trailer's first act is a great example. I show you step-by-step how to create this in my Epic Drum Kits course - part of my Trailer Music Course Bundle
  4. Dramatic piano is not dead. In fact, this trailer for One Life is a perfect and shining example of what I teach in my cinematic piano course.
  5. The NYAD trailer is filled with such glorious music but the thing that I think is special about it is how it blends the acoustic guitar, lush soundscapes, scary drones, and building drums - just great.
  6. The funky guitar and vocals swagger track in Quiz Lady, backed by a great epic drum beat is the perfect comedy filler!
  7. The strange techno electronica in this trailer for The Killer is AWESOME! Manic, fast, choppy - I love it! Thanks, Trent and Atticus!
  8. A bit late with this trailer for Dreamin' Wild but I always enjoy hearing solo acoustic guitar in trailers, it reminds me how cosy, warm, and friendly it sounds.

❤ Rich's Favourite Track This Month

‌A couple of years back, I had the pleasure of interviewing John Hanson from Confidential Music.

This month's chosen track is a great example of what Confidential (and John) do best - powerful, dramatic, cinematic custom scoring!

🎙 Composing First Acts

I love Act One; it's simplicity, space, atmosphere, and especially the suggestions of things to come.

Recently I have done a couple of tutorials on The Trailer Music School YouTube channel to help show you the many wonders of the first act.

Inspiring and wonderful family adventure...

Dark dystopian huge hybrids...

🎹 Trailer Music Tool of the Month

‌I recently wrote an article (and video) about the best 11 free piano VST plugins. The star of the show is my choice this month - Audio Ollie's Memoir Piano. It's outstanding, you have to get it.

Image: Pulse Audio

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