Well it finally happened.

I won’t say that I am not nervous about it going live in January…

This is just a little trailer that I have put together to give you an idea of what I will be covering in the podcast.

Nothing flashy. Just one man…you get the idea.

Anyway. For those who can’t listen right now. Here’s a transcript:

Richard: (00:00)
Welcome to session zero of the trailer music composers podcast. Let’s dive in.

Intro VO: (00:06)
One man, one microphone and a mediocre attempt at a trailer Voiceover. Welcome to the trailer music composers’ podcast.

Richard: (00:25)
Hey guys, welcome to the trailer music composers’ podcast. My name is Richard Schrieber and I am a trailer music composer. Now I thought I’d just kick the whole thing off by explaining a little bit about why I wanted to start this podcast and what I hope to deliver to you as the listener. So basically the reason I started this off is because I have a website called the trailer music school where I teach other composers how to write trailer music and help them in their careers. And one of my students had said, Hey guys, in one of the forums, is there any chance you guys know of a trailer music podcast or anything that has anything to do with the trailer music in the podcast area? And we realized that there was, there was nothing, simply nothing. You type in training music and you get a load of maybe one or two single episode podcasts, but that’s about it.

Richard: (01:23)
Um, so, you know, it’s been on my mind for a while. Ever since then I thought, you know, actually I’d like to deliver that. I mean, I listened to podcasts fervently myself, you know, I say fervently I’m not for, you know, I’m not running around, manically listened to podcast. I’ll have podcasts on what I’m cleaning. I have podcasts on when I’m going for walks with my kids. Well, not with my kids, with my, with my sleeping baby. I’m not that kind of a father. Um, so yeah, I love podcasts and I love just absorbing information whilst I’m on the move and that’s what I thought would deliver. You know, obviously I have a YouTube channel, uh, Richard Schreiber on YouTube, um, where I have lots of tutorials and all sorts of things about writing, trailer music and music production and music composition and creativity. Um, and obviously I’m going to cover that a little bit here, but you know, with the oral medium here, it’s not going to be the most effective way for me to explain how to do things on my door, which is logic.

Richard: (02:19)
You know, I’m not going to be going, okay guys, try this on, on your logic cause you’re going to be walking about probably. Um, so what I would cover more in this would be, uh, tips on creativity, on mindset of productivity, relating to Ryan training music. And also, you know, I will get into the ins and outs of writing, training music when I can talk about it without needing a visual reference. So if I started talking about, uh, core changes, core progressions, uh, structural elements, et cetera, et cetera. So I will probably dive into that. And also I will be getting guests on. So other trailer composers, other people within the industry to, you know, have some balance, you know, about the industry and the work that we do is finding out what they do and why they do it, where they do it and how they go into it.

Richard: (03:07)
Because, you know, that’s one of my favorite things about podcasts is listening to other people’s interviews and particularly other people’s stories. Um, so the next episode, if you, if you guys are wondering will be my story, we’ll be explaining sort of how I got to where I am, which is full time trailer music composer. So while we’re firstly and for mostly like to ask you to do is subscribe to the podcasts so that when I do release a new episode, you can download it as soon as, and obviously give me a real positive review. You know, if you enjoy it, you know, what any review, if it’s not that positive, give me some critical feedback so that I can improve this. You know, I do want this to be a helpful and useful tool for you rather than just, uh, me jabbering on for, you know, 25 minutes.

Richard: (03:56)
Now. If there’s anything specific you would like me to cover, then please get in touch and let me know what you would want to hear about what to learn about, what’s, or understand a little bit more because I’m more than happy to help, you know. So if you do want to get in touch with me, you can head on over to the trailer music school and goes to the contact form, or you can head on over to YouTube. Leave a comment on one of videos. Obviously I would ask, subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you can get a weekly videos about writing, training, music, and being a trailer, music composer and tips or stuff like that. And if you’re interested in, so I’m throwing these at school and join our awesome community of trailer music composers, or helping each other be better writers and better producers. I hope you enjoyed the podcast, guys. Thanks for taking your time to listen.