I have been really struggling with my inner critic this week. It has been on overdrive. Almost every time I sit down to write or edit a piece of music I hear a voice saying stuff like, "This is rubbish, why do you even bother? I can't believe no one has realised how bad you are at this..."

As a way to get out of this, I have been listening to music that soothes me and brings me a feeling of comfort. Thanks Keith Kenniff.

This is why I love music and why in the face of this negative bombardment I must continue making music - let me explain...

You see, music lifts me up, allows me to feel those feelings I cannot handle, makes me cry, inspires me to carry on, and most importantly reminds me of the bittersweet beauty of life.

Keith Kenniff, the man behind Goldmund, does not know how much his music has helped me over the years. To him, I'm probably just another number - a like,  a stream, a view.

But ever since I started my career as a composer his output has served me as a comfort blanket, inspiration, motivation, and bringer of joy.

He has shown up each and every year, producing amazing music that I love and that I am so grateful for. Had he listened to his inner critic and given up he would have deprived me (and millions of others) of the gift of his music.

This is the lesson here, to show up and show yourself. Produce the music in your heart and share it with the world - yes it's terrifying, but life is too short not to.

So, despite sometimes feeling like absolute sh*t about my own abilities I remind myself that there is someone who sees my music and output as a gift and that I must continue to share that gift.

And so must you. We share both the pain and the beauty.

The Quiet Whisper | Issue 32

Intangible Waves

🎧 I’m Listening To…

Timecop 1983. I have been on a synthwave binge recently and feel like listening to the dreamy cinematic synthwave of Timecop 1983 is like returning back to my childhood watching Nightrider with my Dad, playing Double Dragon on my NES and listening to the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.  

I’m Reading...

The Art of Asking: How I Learned to stop worrying and let people help by Amanda Palmer. I have been a fan of Amanda Palmer since I discovered The Dresden Dolls in 2006 (they ticked the same box that Ben Folds and Regina Spektor ticked). This book has been a tonic for me as it is all about Amanda's journey as an artist and how she puts her art and her fans first. My highlight so far is how open she is about her inner critic and also her analogy about creative people collecting and connecting dots. Well worth a read.

Interesting Fact. My old Violin teacher, Rohan Kriwaczek, wrote a work of fiction about her called On The Many Deaths of Amanda Palmer

🍻 Oh...My...Goodness

This trailer. This game. My deep, deep sadness at not having an Xbox anymore...

Fable was one of my all-time favourite games and this trailer shows that they still have it! Thanks to Banfi for the tip on the trailer!

🌟 Star Wars Placement at 17!

Landing a Star Wars Placement at 17 with Jiri Nemec
In this episode of the Trailer Music Composer’s Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jiri Nemec. Jiri reached out to me via email with the subject line “Star Wars placement at 17 thanks to your podcast”, and I knew I had to have him on the show to explain

🫶🏻 Sharing is Caring

One of my readers/listeners has just launched his own YouTube channel focused on Trailer Music. I am always impressed when people do this. Excellent work Nathan Curtis.

❝ Quote of the week:

“We are all failures- at least the best of us are.” - J. M. Barrie


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