Happy New Year Everyone – 2022 is here and what a way to kick it off (albeit it a little late) than to re-launch the Trailer Music Composer’s Podcast!?

You may have noticed that I took a little break from producing episodes for the show/site. I was simply following my own advice and giving myself some space for reflection and to avoid overwhelm whilst Vik and I launched the second year of Protege.

So what should you expect from the Trailer Music Composers’ Podcast this year?

Firstly I am not going to stray from the solo banter / monolog format we have all come to know and love. It gives me a reason to leave the house and enjoy the local woods whilst also getting to answer some of your burning questions about Trailer Music.

Secondly I have lots of very exciting guests lined up to join me on the show and give you all some super awesome insights into the world of Trailer Music.

The Trailer Music School is Changing

I’m also going to take this opportunity to tell you that the Trailer Music School is going through some changes. It’s basically becoming a teenager. It’s so different.

Not that I need to explain the inner workings of the business BUT the courses are being migrated off of wordpress and onto another platform.

Fear not wonderful customers, your access is safe. Simply follow this password reset link to access your courses on the new platform.

All New Inventive Instruments Are Here…

I have been busy producing a load of new instruments for my own use. I have used these new instruments on all of the latest Elephant Music releases and now I am going to be releasing them to the public.

As you know I launched this company a few years ago but let it take a back seat whilst I worked on the TMS and Protege (and my writing of course). 

I felt kind of bad for myself putting all that time into these products and then just leaving them on my own hard drive to only be used by me. As you know I believe that we should be sharing what we do with the world and seeing it as a kind of service.

So, I decided to get all my Inventive Instruments ready and put them in a bundle of joy. 

There are 10 previously unreleased Kontakt instruments in the bundle and, well, I think it’s totally awesome. Of course I would though right!?

I will keep you posted when this is ready.

Trailer Music Courses

I have decided to move the courses to a new, sleeker platform. The courses are the same except now it’s easier to get hold of them. You can check out the new shop here.

So nice to be back and can’t wait to get stuck into this year’s content.