In today's episode I talk about a fantastic book that gave me so much inspiration!

Book club, not really a book club. It's just me reading a book on my own. Isn't it? I bought this book recently. Austin Cleveland's show your work. And this is a fantastic little book all about showing your work, showing your process and that being part of what you offer to the world. The reason I love this is because it gave me the inspirational kick up the up the proverbial that I needed. So for instance, I was doing these flogs on YouTube and I was really enjoying doing them. But then I kind of lost steam because I thought, Oh, you know, nobody's really watching. Nobody really cares. I'll just give up. But then I thought, actually know the whole process of this is like, I go through this thinking process. If I read it quite, I think about how I can apply it to my life.

I read a book, I think about how I can apply that to my life. I try and improve my workflow. I try to become a better person and I do that anyway. So I might as well show my work and show it here. And this book gave me the inspiration to do that. I mean, I've, I've often done this anyway. So I w I would reveal to you guys how I wrote a piece of music, the landlord trailer, I've revealed to you guys, how I create Epic hits. I do. I have the podcasts. I'm doing lots of things anyway, to show my work, but it's given me the, the inspiration to start these again, and to show the, share the book with you as well. If you, if you want a bit of inspiration to kind of remind yourself about being a creative person, because that's what I am I'm.

I would, I wouldn't necessarily say I'm just a composer. I'm a creative person. I like to create why I have created lots of businesses. So I have created lots of sample. I reasons why I've created lots of illustrations. Let's a piece of music because I like creating. It's not about just music for me. It's about creating. And this book is an amazing tool for creative people. So if you want to start sharing your work, I think you should read this book too. And I think you should start sharing your work. I've talked about this on the training music composers podcast, where I said, actually we have all been given gifts and it will be a criminal offense. Not literally it would be criminal for us not to share our talents with the world, because actually at what's the worst that's going to happen. No, one's going to watch it possibly one person. And if that one person gets something from what you're doing, then it's a win. And that was the reminder for me. Yes. I may not have a big audience, but my audience watch my stuff and they get inspired by it. And that inspires me to carry on. So guys show your work.