You MUST register with Spotify for Artists and take control of your Spotify musician page if you’re an emerging artist or a member of an up-and-coming band.

How To Claim Artist Profile On Spotify

The artist platform on Spotify has all the tools you need to advance your career, increase streams, and organize your music promotion plans.

You can apply for official Spotify playlists, track your playlist features, and know who is listening to your music around the world through the use of a Spotify for Artists account.

Additionally, Spotify for Artists can instantly validate your artist profile on Spotify, giving you the coveted blue checkmark next to your name.

Here’s how you can claim your profile and gain access to Spotify if you’re releasing new music on the platform.

How To Claim Your Artist Profile On Spotify

Individual artists and labels may control their artist profiles with Spotify for Artists, which offers comprehensive analytics, customization options, and more. How do you set up such a useful tool?

To obtain your artist profile URL, get in touch with your distributor or label before carrying out any of the subsequent tasks.

When your distributor has delivered your music to Spotify, your artist account URL will become available if this is your initial launch under a new alias.

Membership with Spotify for Artists is only available if:

1) Spotify already carries your songs. You can submit your music through Ditto Music if Spotify does not already have it there. Register for our free 30-day trial here.

2) Despite the fact that your music isn’t yet on Spotify, Spotify has already accepted your first release, which you uploaded to Ditto Music before its scheduled release. When you get your Ditto Pre-Save SmartLink, you’ll be able to tell if it has been approved.

In either case, read on to learn how to join up with Spotify for Artists.

If Spotify has already published your music:

Click “Get Access” on

  • Click “Continue” after choosing “Artist or Manager.”
  • Type your artist name into the search bar or enter your Spotify musician link there.
  • To authenticate your profile, choose your artist name and follow the instructions.

Go to your Spotify profile and click the three dots next to your artist name to access your Spotify Artist Link. Next, go to “Share” and select “Copy Artist Link.”

If your initial release is in Spotify’s database yet your music isn’t currently playing there:

You’ll require your Spotify URI for this.

Only once you’ve submitted your initial release to Ditto Music and obtained a Ditto Pre-Save SmartLink (this indicates that it has been approved by Spotify) in advance of your scheduled release date may you email to request your Spotify URI.

This is how the Spotify URI will appear: spotify:artist:1anyVhU62p31KFi8MEzkbf

Simply follow the directions above after receiving your Spotify URI and enter it into the search window to locate your profile.

How To Claim Artist Profile On Spotify

How To Use Spotify For Artists To Submit Music To Certified Spotify Playlists

You can begin pitching your music for inclusion on approved Spotify playlists as soon as you have access to a Spotify for Artists account.

However, for official Spotify playlists, you may only upload unreleased songs.

Once a release has been submitted to Ditto Music and approved by Spotify, go to the MUSIC box of the Spotify for Artists profile and select “Upcoming.”

Your upcoming releases are listed here, along with the opportunity to add them to official playlists.

How To modify your profile and edit your Spotify photo

Through Spotify for Artists, you may also modify and personalize your Spotify artist profile.

Simply select the PROFILE option from the Spotify for Artists dashboard’s top menu. You may modify your profile photo, your artist bio, and many other things from here.

How To Reclaim Your Accounts On Spotify For Artists

It’s beneficial to fill out your account by including as many details as you can, such as:

  • Header and avatar images
  • Press pictures in your photo gallery.
  • Links to social media
  • Artist bio
  • Future productions
  • Fundraising info

Following Your Streams And Audience

You can make sure your marketing initiatives are having the greatest impact by analyzing who is playing your music, where they are listening, and how they are listening.

TIP: Suppose you discover that on Spotify for Artists Germany is where you receive the majority of your streams and playlist features. 

By actively promoting your music in an area where you are aware that you have followers, you may utilize that information to enhance your marketing spend in Germany.

The following are the statistics available via Spotify for Artists:

  • Total streams and listeners
  • Ages and genders of listeners
  • Top nations and cities
  • Playlist components

You may keep track of where your streams come from, including user libraries, editorial and algorithmic playlists, and other places.

You’ll notice that Spotify for Artists provides a ton of extremely helpful information and features, so if you haven’t claimed your account yet, do so right away.

Other Things To Check Out On Spotify For Artists

There are many excellent articles and tips on Spotify For Artists that are specific to your music.

The support section for promotions and playlists offers all the strategies you can and ought to employ to advertise your music on Spotify.

The pitching tool for Spotify playlists is also an important thing to keep an eye on. If paid advertising forms a component of your marketing plan, be sure to try Spotify Ad Studio as well as Spotify Marquee.

Final Thoughts

Spotify for Artists provides many useful functions and insights for new artists on the platform.

It’s a great idea to set up your own artist account with Spotify, because by following the tips above you can get your music noticed, figure out where you’re fans are, what they’re listening to and what they want from your music, and you can start to build a real name for yourself on one of the world’s leading music streaming platforms.