About Distrokid

Distrokid is not a publisher, but rather a digital music distribution service. This means that it does not publish its own music, but distributes the work of others.

Is Distrokid A Publisher?

It was first formed back in 2013 by Philip J. “Pud” Kaplan.

Artists use Distrokid in order to distribute their work on a variety of streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezwer, Youtube Music, and more.

What Is Distrokid?

If you are an artist who creates music, and want to share that music with the world, then you need a way of distributing it.

In the streaming age, the best way to do this is to get your music on streaming platforms. Since the rise of Spotify over the last decade, many companies have created their own streaming platforms.

This means that there are a wide variety of streaming platforms available today. These are Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezwer, Youtube Music, and more.

There is no way to get your music onto these streaming platforms on your own. Instead, you will need to sign up to a music distribution service which will do this for you.

This is where Distrokid comes in. Distrokid is a music distribution service who are able to make your music available on all major music streaming services and digital music stores.

This includes the aforementioned streaming services, as well as Facebook, TikTok, and various others.

By using Distrokid, you will make your music available to be listened to and consumed by the customers of all of these music streaming services, reaching a potential market which you could not reach on your own. 

Why Choose Distrokid?

There are lots of music distributors out there. There is also CD Baby, EmuBand, iGroove, and many more. So why choose Distrokid?

There are many reasons that make Distrokid the best choice when it comes to music distributors. 

Benefits Of Using Distrokid

The first reason to choose Distrokid is that they collect payment and earnings, and then return 100 percent of those earnings back to the artist.

They only deduct unavoidable fees, which are banking fees and applicable taxes.

This means that with Distrokid, you know you’ll be reaping the rewards of the work you have created, rather than someone else benefiting from something which should be yours to benefit from.

Another benefit of using Distrokid is that they use automatic revenue splits.

This avoids complications. It means that you simply tell them who to pay, and they then calculate how to do this, and get it done. 

The next reason to choose Distrokid is the Hyper Follow benefit. This function means that within seconds of your music being uploaded, it will benefit from a pre-save marketing page.

Once your music is released to the streaming services, Distrokid will then provide the links to your music on these marketing pages automatically. 

If you go with Distrokid as your choice of music distributor, another benefit you will receive is lyrics support.

This means that Distrokid will send all the lyrics to your songs over to the streaming services along with your music.

This means that anyone who wants to use steaming services to listen to your music will be able to access your lyrics as well

Another benefit of using Distrokid is that they offer global timed release dates.

This means that rather than your music becoming available on different streaming services at different times, they will be available everywhere all at once, at the exact same time.

Is Distrokid A Publisher?

The Recommended Option

Distrokid is one of six music distributors which spotify recommend. 

Sometimes, when an artist’s music is available to listen to on streaming services, there can be a mix up. A mix up is when one artist’s music ends up on the profile of a different artist.

There can be many reasons that this might happen, including artists having similar artist names or similar song names.

One of the reasons Spotify recommends using Distrokid is because, if this did happen, Distrokid would be able to sort this out for you.

If you weren’t with one of the recommended music distributors, you would have to either fill out one of the forms available on Spotify’s website, or contact Spotify’s customer service team regarding this issue yourself.

With Distrokid, however, they can help you solve this problem if it comes up.

Spotify recommends Distrokid because they feel they are the most reliable and use the most effective processes to minimize problems, and because they fix problems effectively when they arise. 

If you are using Distrokid, then you can contact them to help you resolve this problem. If you don’t use Distrokid, you should consider it.

Not only are they able to help you fix this problem, it is also less likely to happen again in the future. This is because they use artist ID in order to minimize the chances of this problem happening again. 

The other 5 music distributors who are recommended by Spotify and can help you in this way are CD Baby, Emubands, Record Union, Vydia, and iGroove.

Should You Choose Distrokid Over Other Available Music Distributors?

At a reasonable price, Distrokid offers a lot of benefits which its competitors do not offer. 

The first benefit is being able to upload unlimited music at no extra cost. You also get to keep 100 percent of your earnings.

Using Distrokid will also mean you will be verified on Youtube, Apple Music, and Spotify. It also allows you to easily share earnings with any of your collaborators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Use Distrokid?

If you write music and want to make it available to stream, then you can sign up to Distrokid. Distrokid is for anyone who wants to make their music more available.

Is Distrokid Run By Spotify, Or Any Other Streaming Platform?

No, Distrokid is an independent distribution service. It makes your work available on streaming platforms, but it is not run by them.