My mind is often overactive.

Some evenings I sit to relax and hear an audible click as my mind switches on.

Like someone just turned on the production line at a factory.

I can actually hear cogs turning and footsteps as the workers arrive.

Their voices getting louder and louder.

Voices of everyone I’ve ever known.

Including myself.

Several versions of myself and they are by far the loudest, and meanest.

They are All having separate conversations.

All with their own ideas for how the night should unfold.

And it’s loud.

So loud.

So loud I can barely hear the TV.

So what do I do?

I turn the TV up and reach for my phone, desperately seeking distraction.

Mindlessly swiping through other people’s updates in a vain attempt at calming my mind.

But it won’t work.

It never does.

And I know that.

I’ve done it a thousand times and it has never worked.

In fact, it has always left me feeling worse.

For you see, I am here as my own personal teacher.

I know what will help me but I still don’t do it.

I sense the social media adding to the amplitude and unease so I pour some wine.

First, sip.

That helps.

For a moment.

Like someone just turned the volume down for a second only to turn it up louder and louder.

Until it gets too much.

And I give in.

Finally, I hear a little voice say,

“Go to bed”

I Give in to my better judgement and turn my tv off.

Grab some water.

And go to bed.

Sleep will help.

Sleep always helps.

Therein lies the problem.

I didn’t listen to my body, it was tired.

I didn’t listen to my mind, my mind was tired.

I was tired.

Why do I always forget how hard it is to switch off when tired?

Why do I struggle to remember how much sleep helps?

Hopefully, I will now…

🤯 I Would Love it If This Were Real!

What can I say, Wes Anderson remaking Star Wars would be absofruitly-ridiculously-AWESOME!

👻 MIDI Hacks You Are Not Using Enough

I absolutely LOVE finding hotkey shortcuts or other little tips and tricks that improve my workflow in Logic and these 5 are ace!

5 Logic MIDI Hacks You Are Not Using Enough
Most of us work with MIDI every single time that we create music and some of us only use MIDI. This makes it even more important that I highlight these 5 MIDI hacks you are not using enough. 1. Select All The Same Pitches This is really useful when you

I´m watching

Nobody. When this movie came out I was lucky enough to have one of my pieces of music land on the trailer. At the time I thought, "That looks pretty cool" but quickly forgot about it. Last week, a friend of mine reminded me to watch it and I am so glad I did. It is AWESOME!

🎻 I'm Using...

Walkthrough: Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions
Ólafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions is available now!For more information - Vi…

Olafur's Chamber Evolutions. This is one of those libraries that I forgot I had (it annoys me so much how often that happens) but when I found it again I was absolutely delighted as it is just perfect for the rereleases of my solo piano improvisations - my Direct-to-fan Project.

🚀 My New Project

The Direct-to-fan Project. I am giving my Soft Piano music a new lease of life and using them to (re)launch my ambient neo-classical piano music. I will be updating this blog post each week with my progress so you can follow along with me and maybe even join the fun. So far I have mastered 2 albums and sketched out the web design. I think next week I will be finalising the third album and the branding.

The Direct-to-Fan Project
Ever since I started out on my music career I have wanted to sell my music to my fans. I mean isn’t that what we all want? The only thing is that my fans were my clients and the representatives I chose to work with; producers, publishers etc. Rather than

❝ Quote of the week:

"We can choose the path of less, but better. We can reject the incentives nudging us to behave more like machines and factories. We can reclaim our humanity, approach our work as artisans, and focus not on shouting louder, but mattering more. We can choose The Artisan's Way."
- From the Ghost Newsletter


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